Beyond Conflict-free

A “Conflict-free” diamond is not a guarantee that it was ethically sourced. A conflict diamond or “blood diamond” is narrowly defined in the Kimberley Process as a diamond that has helped finance a rebel movement against a U.N. recognized government. Heinrichs goes beyond the industry norms and guarantees that our diamonds are: free of human rights abuses, engaged in environmental stewardship, employing fair labor practices, and support sustainable community development. In order to guarantee this we have personally audited our diamond supply chain, from diamond mine to diamantaire to you.

Beyond Mining

De Beers is the world’s leading authority on diamonds. Since 1888, their expertise is unrivalled in diamond exploration, mining, sales & marketing. De Beers Sightholders are elite diamantaires from around the world, hand-selected by De Beers to cut and polish their diamonds. As such, they are charged by De Beers with upholding each diamond’s ethical provenance. Heinrichs’ has forged exclusive partnerships with De Beers Sightholders. This insures you that your diamond is not only of elite craftsmanship but is also ethically sourced and manufactured.