Paris of the Prairies

Located in the beautiful city of Saskatoon, Heinrichs Jewellery is a proud member of Saskatchewan’s entrepreneurial business community. As local business owners, Kent Heinrichs and Dennis Heinrichs continually give back to the community through numerous Saskatchewan based charities. We believe that local independent businesses have the honour and responsibility to play a vital role in building a healthy and strong community.  As Saskatoon continues to grow and evolve, Heinrichs Jewellery has also made a commitment to reflect our community. We have developed a professional multilingual team, with many proud to call themselves first generation Canadians.

Diamond Specialists

Independently trained by the prestigious Gemological Institute of America, our team of diamond specialists offer a full range of services to meet your needs. Whether it is your first occasion or celebrating your golden jubilee, our diamond experts are trained to help you select a piece of jewellery that will make you smile now and for years to come. Our confidence comes from knowing which designs bear the marks of lasting craftsmanship and value. Our true desire is for you to form a lasting bond with the memento of your life’s milestones.


Heinrichs Jewellery is proud to partner with Maison Birks to be Saskatoon's authorized dealer of Birks signature brand fine jewellery.