Your jewellery represents precious moments in your life. For you, the emotional value makes it priceless. At Heinrichs Jewellery we get this. This is why we have a professional on-site goldsmith to service all your jewellery needs. Instead of out sourcing it to Vancouver or Toronto your jewellery remains here in Saskatoon… Close to You.


Heinrichs Jewellery recommends all your jewellery be cleaned and inspected at minimum twice a year. Our goldsmith technicians are able to spot problems before you lose your engagement ring's diamond or your chain gives way and you lose your heirloom pendant.


It is important that your rings fit properly. Too loose and you run a risk of losing it. Too tight and blood flow is constricted. Our technicians also have the tools and expertise to properly remove rings that are too tight to remove on your own.


Heinrichs Jewellery’s technicians shorten gold & silver chains, repair chain breaks, replace clasps and more. All service work is guaranteed and estimates are provided free of charge.


When new, most white gold jewellery is rhodium plated. Rhodium is a precious metal from the platinum group of metals. Being a bright, naturally white metal and harder than gold, it keeps your white gold shiny and new longer. However, over time the rhodium will naturally wear off. Our technicians have the tools and expertise to properly refurbish and re-rhodium your white gold and bring it back to its original luster.


Prongs are often used to set gemstones into jewellery. Over time these prongs will naturally wear down. Our technicians strongly recommend getting these prongs checked at minimum twice a year. This greatly reduces your chances of losing your gemstones and avoids subsequent costly repairs.


For a free, no charge estimate please drop in to see our staff at our Centre Mall location in Saskatoon. Your jewellery is kept secured and fully insured. All service work is guaranteed.


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